State of Hawaii

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Office of Community Services


Addendum Number 1


December 3, 2008




Request for Proposals


RFP No.: OCS LBR 903-08

Youth Services for Immigrants


September 12, 2008






December 3, 2008





Youth Services for Immigrants




RFP No.: OCS LBR 903-08



The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Office of Community Services, is issuing this addendum to RFP Number OCS LBR 903-08, Youth Services for Immigrants

for the purposes of:


       Responding to questions that arose at the orientation meeting of <Date> and written questions subsequently submitted in accordance with Section 1-V, of the RFP. 


       Amending the RFP.


       Final Revised Proposals


The proposal submittal deadline:


       is amended to <new date>.


       is not amended.


       for Final Revised Proposals is <date>.


Attached is (are):


       A summary of the questions raised and responses for purposes of clarification of the RFP requirements.


       Amendments to the RFP.


       Details of the request for final revised proposals.


If you have any questions, contact:

Contact person’s name: Keith Yabusaki

Contact phone: (808) 586-8680

Contact e-mail address:

Contact address: 830 Punchbowl Street, Room 420 Honolulu, Hawaii  96813


RFP No.: OCS LBR 903-08 Youth Services for Immigrants

is amended as follows:









Section 1, Administrative Overview





Section 2, Service Specifications





Section 3, Proposal Application Instructions


V. B. 1. Accounting System

Page 3-8

After the first sentence add in: (Note: OCS will now require only one original or copy of the most recent independent financial audit for each response to this RFP.  Originally, OCS required six audit reports – one attached to each proposal application.)





Section 4, Proposal Evaluation





Section 5, Attachments